We're about trust, connection, and growth.
As scholars, we value learning for its own sake. As citizens, we apply our knowledge in the context of a broader community.

“We could envision our best selves. Our futures. We could study odds-beaters, educational systems that are working, schedules and contents and standards and curriculums that speak to hearts and minds; not test makers and publishers.”
- Mauri Friestleben, Principal at North High in Minneapolis, MN


Fanschool provides students and teachers with a smart social ecosystem for democratic practice, 1-on-1 connection, and evaluation alternatives. It's a learning culture platform for every school community that’s actually personalized for each scholar. It turns the real world into curriculum, allows learners to remain their curious selves, and surrounds us all with an ecosystem that supports human potential development.

At Fanschool, individuals’ interests and identity are at the center of their learning. The content they absorb and create, the experiences available to them, and the network they build revolve around topics they select as “Interests” and subjects they are “Fans of”. 


Students, parents, and teachers increasingly appreciate that the purpose of school is so much bigger than the in-class experience. And meanwhile, software vendors, administrators, even parents have delegated too much responsibility for students' learning experiences to systems and tools that are alienating learners. Previous 1-to-1 technology initiatives focused on putting a machine in every student's hands. Fanschool wants to put human beings in front of each other to become the first scalable 1-on-1 teaching-learning ecosystem.

Fanschool is charged with solving this problem by acknowledging that the solution starts with students: the learner as scholar and citizen. We use the internet as the textbook and the world as the classroom. Our mission is to create a tool that is so embedded in a scholar’s entire learning experience, it will be almost invisible. Let's share the real secrets of success this decade and start seeing that more in our school cultures!


The Fanschool team comprises learners, educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers with decades of experience in the classroom, having previously built edtech organizations at the intersection of pedagogy and technology.

If you're interested in working with us, please reach out. We are here for you!

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