The becoming half of school.
What we become is just as important as what we achieve: Isn't that the essential purpose of school?

We're missing half of school.

Traditionally, schools supply assignment-givers, gradebooks, and learning management systems, controlled by admins, to share what students achieve. None of them show who your child is, what they want, and who they're becoming.

What is Fanschool?

Fanschool is a smart social ecosystem for students. Learners create a profile by completing a survey of the school subjects they enjoy. They express an interest in topics, people & places, and activities related to different subjects. Learners build a network based on shared interests and connections, publish their own content, and see experiences. This is the ecosystem for what we want to become in education.

How does my student use Fanschool?

Fanschool is a platform to celebrate who your child is becoming. They build healthy social connections with other learners (with parent supervision, as appropriate). Learners publish articles, photos, links, drawings, projects, documents, and chronicle experiences as a learner. They have a space where they can be proud of who they are, as they discover who they might become. You finally get peace of mind.

We call it human potential development.

Like teaching, parenting is a journey--one of the most important and difficult in our lives. Parents should play an active role in their child's development and can get peace of mind while students get the digital space and software they need to continue doing the real, good work.

As a parent in Fanschool you can:
    +  See what your child is interested in, learning, and experiencing online.
    +  Hide content published by your child (only if necessary) to start discussions.
    +  Get direct access to other teachers and guides.
    +  Facilitate quality connections.

How does Fanschool keep students safe?

Fanschool Learners create a profile and invite a parent or guardian to link to their account. We require a verified account for any learner under 18. We believe that learning begins with families and is extended by the classroom and school experience. By inviting families to participate in the learning journey, we create a safe, healthy ecosystem where learners are motivated to learn, and families can be involved.

How much does Fanschool cost?

A guardian must verify their account via a monthly subscription. A Family Membership is $9.99 / month.  Your Family Membership enables your child to begin building a network of other learners across the country and world.