You are school.
Wherever learners and guides connect in a space or around a topic, that's school. This is your homecoming, teachers. Welcome home!

What makes everyone a fan of school?

The best schools develop potential, see how hard you're working, and recognize how much you're growing. By inviting schools to pay (and participate) in your learning journey, we create a safe, healthy ecosystem where learners of all ages are motivated to learn, so your school can focus on growth.

How does Fanschool work?

Fanschool is a smart social ecosystem for teaching and learning. It turns the real world into curriculum, allows learners to remain their curious selves, and surrounds each learning leader with a community that supports their potential development. It's designed and built by pro teachers and technologists just like you.

What can you do in Fanschool?

At Fanschool, your interests and identity are at the center of your learning. Like students, you can create space and showcase what you're becoming. The content you absorb and create, the experiences available to you, and the network you build revolve around topics you select as "Interests" and subjects you are "Fans of". You can create a private profile, as well as view publicly available articles on the network, for free.

How much does Fanschool cost?

Your school pays $99/teacher for peace of mind (and participation) while giving you (and your students) power.

     +  Go public to participate in professional development spaces.
     +  Create spaces for your classes and clubs.
     +  Moderate articles.
     +  Elevate articles to public school Fan page.

How can we empower all teachers?

Your teachers can use spaces as classrooms. Your school can use spaces for teacher PD.

We are thrilled to work with your school administrators to ensure all teachers have access to Fanschool.
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