We can do more than say "thanks."
Fans (families, friends, community members) can endorse any educator with a financial gift. This token of gratitude is sent in full to an educator on the Wall of Fame. No projects to post or pleas for funding.

How do I endorse an educator?

Search for an educator using our interactive map. If you know an educator who is not yet on the Fanschool Wall of Fame, add them to the list so you and other families can endorse them. Gifts are distributed in full, directly to the educator.

How much does it cost?

Every endorsement delivers a financial gift (minimum $10) to a teacher to whom you want to show gratitude. Think about your favorite teacher. Now consider your favorite professional athlete. What if we started endorsing teachers like pros? We invite families to be as generous as they can be. Teacher endorsement urls represent a simpler way to give gifts and also enable teachers to flip the backward corporate ambassador model. Fanschool partners with local and national organizations to cover any transaction fees, so everything you contribute goes directly to the educator.  

Is the Wall of Fame free for teachers?

Yes, an educator's Fan page is free. Educators are added to the Wall of Fame by families, friends, community members, and anyone else looking to recognize an educator with more than words. Fanschool founders have spent over a decade in classrooms and the EdTech industry, where teachers are often expected to pay out-of-pocket for classroom tools and supplies. We believe no teacher should be individually subsidizing the cost of school. To give back, we established the Fanschool Wall of Fame to celebrate, thank, and financially reward teachers for the work they do. We hope you’ll help us support educators everywhere by endorsing a teacher in your community. Note that gifts are attributed as income for the recipient, and are not tax deductible.

Can teachers add themselves to the list?

No. Unlike other funding platforms, we don't expect teachers to post specific projects or make a case for funding.  Teachers' fans simply add them to Wall of Fame with an "endorsement" (thank you + financial gift). We do encourage teachers to share their Wall of Fame url with families, friends, and their professional & social networks. For now, due to financial regulations that vary by country, only teachers in the United States are able to be endorsed.